New bitcoins review: news, prices, equipment

Recently, the services around the Bitcoin cryptocurrency have gone far ahead,so now there is no need for using simple chains to use whole chains of intermediaries, losing interest at each stage. So, what’s bitcoins news now?

How to earn money with bitcoins rise in 2018?

The term is supposed to so-called “mining” – the generation in which the miner computer or other device performs the calculations, “releasing” bitcoins picture in the new crypto coins system. With the help of mining, the network is protected, new blocks are produced and transactions are conducted in the bitcoin blockade. Today, generation requires huge capital investments. This is due to the growing complexity of calculations in the network. If at the dawn of the appearance of the crypto currency coins could be obtained with the help of a conventional CPU, at the present time, there is a special equipment – ASIC-devices. For cryptogrinking, farms from video cards are also assembled. Moreover, as the complexity of the network increases, the costs of mining in the future will grow. At the same time, the number of bitcoins as compensation is gradually decreasing. If the currency does not grow in value in the future, the costs may not pay off.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this method include the possibility of selling equipment (mining is very popular, and buyers are sure to be found), choosing a cryptocurrency for mining (in addition to bitcoins card, you can also obtain other coins). As for the minuses, they include increased equipment wear. The work is conducted around the clock. Also to the shortcomings can be attributed noise, the probability of removing equipment from the manufacturer’s warranty. In this case, the miners must take into account the current costs. First of all, the cost of electricity. If it is high, it will put additional pressure on the potential profit.

Extraction of crypto currency in pools

This option appeared when ASIC connected to the cryptosystem and began to “select the bread” from the miners with a more modest hashreit. With the growing complexity of mining, users began to join together in specialized networks (pools) in which all the capacities of individual participants are connected, thereby increasing the chances for successful accomplishment of the assigned tasks. At the time of this writing, there are a large number of pools. You can join them with almost any capacity. However, it is important to remember that in most cases the profit is distributed proportionally to the enclosed capacities. Accordingly, the less of them, the less profit will be. If the miner has enough capacity to independently locate the blocks, in this case it is not necessary to join the pool, in this case saving on commission payment to the service. When self-mining (solo-mining), in the case of successful tasks, the user will take all the bitcoins that are assigned to the first miner who correctly solved the problem. How to earn bitcoins in the pool? It is necessary to select a network, configure the program, equipment according to the instructions (on each site-pool individual settings are published) and connect.

Cloud Mining

Another way to earn bitcoin as you can see here and in popular bitcoins youtube videos. At its core, this is a very competent decision, as the participant does not need to spend money on equipment, its maintenance, or electricity. He simply invests in a farm already created by the company and, depending on the investment, receives income. Cloud mining is beneficial to both parties. The company that created the farm, accepts investments that allow to maintain the operability of the equipment. In turn, the participant of the system makes a profit in accordance with the share of capital investments. In some cloud development services, a system for purchasing contracts or packages is provided. Thus, investments become similar to capital investments on stock exchanges. What is the danger of this method? Those who are interested in how to earn bitcoins should be aware of all the risks. A lot of cloud minings today are nothing more than financial pyramids, according to pseudo bitcoins down rates. The company creates a web resource, imitates activities, collects investments. Then, when it comes to paying dividends (profits from the mining), they are accrued at the expense of newly arrived investors.

The advantages of this approach include the possibility of making a profit with a small investment. And it will be completely passive income, since no additional action is required from the client. Finally, there is no need to buy and configure equipment. As for the shortcomings, the possibility of deception applies to them. It is extremely difficult to check this or that service independently. Often, these sites have a lot of marketing text. Therefore – be very attentive and listen to the evidence, and advertising and promises of the “golden mountains”.


Although no country around the world has issued strict or specific guidelines for digital currencies, it is this widespread adoption that sets a priority for regulators. The more digital assets are used for everyday purchases of goods and services, the more useful they become as legal tender. Following the example of Venezuela, it is possible that more countries will adopt crypto assets as an alternative to their national currency. According to rumors, in China and India are thinking about making their own version of the digital yuan and rupee, respectively. Looking at the markets, bitcoins all time high, which, to date, is trading at $7735, the situation is really surprising, compared with last year’s value at the same time. Then the BTC was valued at $1220. The current value is an impressive jump of 633% over 12 months, which is simply unbelievable for ordinary stock trading.

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