Modest project: bitcoins data

Attitude to bitcoin from official financial and governmental organizations and its legal status are rather ambiguous. In general, the attitude is quite negative for obvious reasons. It should be remembered that official bodies and governments can not directly influence their emissions and rates. In addition, bitcoin because of its anonymity is very often used for calculations in a shadow darknet when selling illegal goods and services. So prohibition of bitcoin actually happened in China, where the state completely banned the use of crypto currency in order to stop the devaluation of the yuan and the outflow of capital outside the country. In France, the Central Bank has identified bitcoin as a speculative instrument with high volatility and uncertainty. Also not very like bitcoin in Thailand. On the territory of the Russian Federation, bitcoin also does not favor: the official currency is not banned, but legislative attempts were made. In other countries, the attitude towards bitcoin is rather neutral: in Germany, for example, it fell under the legal definition of “private money”, in Singapore – under the definition of “digital goods”.

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