New bitcoins review: news, prices, paypal

Many of us spend a lot of time on the Internet, watching videos, communicating in social networks or searching for information. And imagine for a moment that on the next page of your browser is advertising, for viewing which you get money for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

How to earn bitcoins without depos its

At present, there is the possibility of obtaining bitcoins (or rather, satoshi) completely free of charge. To do this, you need to register on the bitcoins website relevant faucets or advertising services. Bitcoin-faucets. What is the work on such sites? Here, participants click on links, watch videos, or solve captcha. Such work does not require special skills or experience. But it is paid accordingly. On many faucets, there are lotteries, with which you can increase your earnings. However, users note that most often they lose what they already have. The advantages of this approach can be attributed to the fact that the tapes earn bitcoins dropping today completely free of charge. You do not need to attach any attachments during registration. Moreover, the work is offered even for unqualified users. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages. First of all, the profits are insignificant. It is not necessary to believe that the faucets offer great earnings. In addition, such sites usually set a sufficiently high threshold of withdrawal. Another disadvantage is that not all faucets pay. And over time, even those that gave bitcoins, can stop working. Therefore, participants will have to constantly monitor the situation and respond to changes in time. This method should be considered for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the world of cryptocurrency and do not have the means to invest. In addition, special bots for faucets have been developed today, which allow a few to automate the process. However, webmasters already know about the existence of robots and in every possible way block their work. Advertising crypto sites. Here they pay for viewing advertising. No difference from other similar boxes, only the currency of payment – satoshi bitcoin.

How to earn bitcoins 10000 using Android?

A powerful and compact smartphone can easily be turned into a source of additional earnings without much difficulty. To do this, it is sufficient to install a special utility. In general, such software can be divided into several large groups:

  1. Miners. Such applications are connected to special servers – “cloud” farms and pumped out cryptocurrency from there. It should be taken into account that even an advanced smartphone still can not be compared in capacity with the capabilities of an “iron” farm of 5-10 video cards. Therefore, you should not expect a big return from mining through the phone. This method, perhaps, for the most patient who knows about bitcoins growth.
  2. Electronic exchanges. With the help of such applications, the user turns into a trader – a player on a crypto exchange. Regularly tracking the fluctuations in the exchange rate of digital coins, you can invest in the most promising positions and earn both a crypto currency and real money.
  3. Bitcoin games. The user of such applications receives a reward in cryptocurrency or bitcoins code for the displayed playing skill.
  4. Cryptocurrency faucets. The user puts the application on the smartphone and after a certain time (from 15 to 30 minutes) by clicking on the button receives a certain amount of satoshi. The nominal amount of the payment can be increased if you perform a simple task, for example, watch a video, play a simple game or read the news. Also, additional bonuses are accrued through the function “Share with friends” and the connection of referrals – partners in the production of crypto-currency.

Bitcoin is completely decentralized, egalitarian and inclusive

Apparently, bitcoins company use PayPal mostly, but it can hardly change its structure, as it is set on general rules for working with the international banking system, which is morally obsolete and does not correspond to new trends in the economy, including the work of altcoins. The main advantages of altcoin are freedom and complete decentralization, confidentiality, which is compatible with the advanced technologies of blockade. Today, about 2 billion people on the planet use blocking technology, which is not tied to bank accounts, and there is no need to confirm transactions and actions through SMS-informing, and mandatory access to the Internet. In order to become a Verified PayPal user, it is necessary to specify the details of bank cards, accounts, and also to disclose some information about yourself. That is, there are all prerequisites for checking information from state and supervisory agencies and structures. Despite the fact that bitcoin also can not be 100% anonymous with bitcoins illegal, users easily perform secure transactions. The advantages of using egalitarian technology are obvious if the basic facts and conditions of work are analyzed. If you don’t, banks and systems, like bitcoins to paypal, will benefit from using outdated models when making transactions and beyond.

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