Bitcoins pros and cons in 2018

Every year, the popularity of crypto currency bitcoin grows in proportion to its value. By mid-July, bitcoins lowest price is 7.5 thousand dollars, and this positive dynamics is not going to stop. Naturally, the opportunities for extracting a valuable currency are also increasing.

Variants of work with bitcoins

Those who have already been able to earn a cryptocurrency are probably interested in where to spend it and what to do with it at all. First of all, bitcoins can already be used for calculations. Currently, there are already online stores that accept such digital money.

Another way is to store the crypto currency until the moment its value grows. In this case, it will be possible to obtain income from the difference in quotations at the time of purchase and sale of the cryptonet. Through bitcoins, you can purchase another cryptocurrency and participate in various ecosystems, and also invest in startups. In this case, the user gets the opportunity to become a part of the community of one of the cryptosystems and in the future to receive from this specific benefit.

How to deduce earnings in bitcoins

If the user does not want to use the bitcoins market price as a means of payment in the future, he can withdraw it into fiat money. There are many methods. The first and one of the most simple – exchange services. Such sites today offer the possibility of exchanging bitcoin not only for fiat money with the withdrawal of cards, but also for various electronic payment systems like WebMoney or Neteller. Plus this approach is that many services exchange is automatic. It is enough only to enter the wallet number and send money. After a while, the money will be credited to the account (most often after 6 network confirmations). As for the minuses, in the first place these are quite high commissions, since such services take on most of the work. In addition, there may be unprofitable courses in the exchangers. Finally, there are risks of fraud bitcoins stolen. Therefore, all operations are best done through proven sites.

The second method is bitcoins location crypto-exchange. Here the user has many more options, including from the point of view of commissions and course. You can exchange bitcoins at a more favorable price. Some establish their own rates and wait for the moment when the price on the exchange reaches this mark. From the point of view of commissions, on exchanges it is usually lower than in exchangers. From the minuses, it is desirable to have at least a basic idea of what financial markets are and how they function.

Referral programs

How to earn bitcoins without attachments to the webmaster? If the webmaster has his own thematic site, he can start to receive cryptocurrency, attracting other participants of the system to various projects. Referral programs are now in stock exchanges, some wallets, advertising networks, as well as various ICO. The latter, however, are paid most often in domestic currency – their own tokens. In order to start earning this way, it is enough to have a well-developed website (in search engines) or a group in a social network, and register on the exchange, for example. After that, the client receives a referral link or banners that can be placed on the resource and receive revenue from the profit of the service from all the referrals involved in the system.

Bitcoins jobs and freelance in the Internet

Freelance is not so common for ordinary money, but already there is a payment by bitcoins. Yes, yes, progress does not stand still. True, this is more the case for countries such as India, Canada, Japan, China, Sweden, but freelancers can easily earn a cryptocurrency on such freelance exchanges. Some startups also launched cryptographic payment gateway, but so far the activity leaves much to be desired. Another option is sites that pay for the publication of posts, articles, photos, videos, analytics, etc. For example, Steemit – cryptproject with their own tokens, which can be exchanged for bitcoins volume, and then for fiat.

How to earn cryptocurrency using gambling

For fans of adrenaline, other methods of earning bitcoin are offered. We are talking about doublers and specialized casinos. There are special web resources where you can invest, for example, 1 bitcoins starting price and get 2. Naturally, there are no guarantees here. The risks are very high. It is possible to enclose the crypto currency and not get anything as a result. The principle of operation of such systems is the influx of new users. While it is, investments pay off. As soon as new users stop registering and investing, such resources stop working. This is the same financial pyramid. Another option is online casino. Here, as well as on classical gambling sites, only cryptocurrency is offered as a prize in lieu of fiat money.

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