Bitcoins: recent news and full information

In the world there are many crypto-currencies, but the most mysterious among them is Bitcoin. Despite the fact that with it you can pay for many goods and services, and exchange in any online exchanger, information about its appearance and the developer is extremely small. And even the available information is difficult to call true.

Proceeding from this, many users who only plan to use electronic cash, the question arises – what is bitcoin, how to get it, how to spend and others. For today the rate of bitcoins – UK money is 202 264,48 Ukrainian hryvnia
Bitcoins info: who created Bitcoin?

The bitcoin appeared in 2009. And it was not announced by any company and was not reported about the developer. They say that the electronic cash was created by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. So, it or not – till now it is not known. It seems to be in honor of the developer named the smallest of the permissible units Bitcoin – Satoshi. What is Satoshi bitcoin? If to say in simple words, then this is an analogue of kopecks or cents. In 1 bitcoin there are 100 000 000 million satoshi.

Bitcoins: pills from all economic diseases?

Explaining that such bitcoin in simple words, it is necessary to mention the advantages of a payment instrument. Having learned about them, it becomes clear why electronic cash could become popular all over the world.

So, bitcoins: yes or no?

Conditional lack of commission for transfer between purses of bitcoins and satoshi. If there is no need in a fast transaction and you can wait an hour or two until the money is transferred from one purse to another, then the commission for this same transaction will not have to be paid. When you want to instantly transfer money, you will have to pay a small commission for speed.

Lack of control. As you know, all payment systems are controlled by one or another company that created them. Creators can change the rules or make any adjustments. The Bitcoin project does not have a central authority. It exists and develops according to the concept originally laid down in it.
Bitcoins registration. This is a very simple process that requires minimal details from the client who wants to create a purse with a crypto currency.

A world-class currency. So far, it has not reached such a scale of use as the dollar, but it is quite possible that in the foreseeable future its area of ​​application will grow significantly.

High level of protection. All wallets are thoroughly protected. There is theoretically an opportunity to crack Bitcoin. In truth, a burglar team will have to spend a lot of time and energy on this, which in the long run will not pay off. In case of hacking, the Crypto currency will not suffer irreparable damage.

The currency is not subject to inflation. The issue of bitcoins will be stopped at the moment when their number reaches 21 million. According to preliminary estimates, this will not happen earlier than in 2030-2035.

Independent emission of electronic cash. Bitcoin is the only payment system in the world that you can get yourself. It will be necessary to use such a method as mining.

Bitcoins disadvantages:

If there are pros, then there must necessarily be minuses. Cons in the crypto currency there are a lot. The first and, perhaps, the most exciting is the lack of guarantees. Nobody can say confidently that tomorrow the project will not close or the rate of bitcoins will not drop to zero. If this happens, then there will be no one to complain. Electronic cash has not yet been recognized by any state. Other disadvantages are:

Insufficient distribution. Abroad, bitcoins are in full use by many online stores. With the help of this currency, you can not only buy household goods, but, for example, a car. In our state, you can spend bitcoins in a very limited number of places.

Potentially possible bans on the use of the payment system. The fact that the state can not control and that can damage the economy is uprooted or prohibited. Such a fate can easily comprehend the electronic cash created in 2009.

Course and calculator bitcoins: bitcoins available for all

If you pay attention to the bitcoin to dollar rate for today, you can see that for 1 bitcoin they give a little more than 1000 dollars. Dynamics of the course of crypto currency in relation to the international currency since 2009 is simply amazing. In 2009, when the Bitcoin project was launched, one bitcoin was given less than one cent. In 2010, its price increased to 50 cents. After that, I stayed at the level of 10 dollars for two years. In 2013 it flew to 600 dollars. In 2013, the cost of bitcoin fell to 310 dollars. Today it is at around $ 1000.

Given the information above, we can assume how much the electronic cash will cost in 2017 approximately in the range of 1200-1500 dollars. Looking at this graph, many may want to invest their blood in bitcoins, but take into account that the project can close at any time or the money will simply depreciate. It is impossible to insure against a possible devaluation. To find out the exact exchange rate for bitcoin to euro, ruble, hryvnia and other currencies, as well as the exact cost of bitcoin for today, the calculator will help. There are plenty of them on the Internet.

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